Tools for computing Lagrangian Coherent Structures in Julia.


CoherentStructures.jl is a toolbox for computing Lagrangian Coherent Structures (LCSs) by objective, i.e., observer-independent, methods in aperiodic flows in Julia. It has been developed in Oliver Junge's research group at TUM, Germany, by (in alphabetical order)

Contributions from colleagues in the field are most welcome via raising issues or, even better, via pull requests.


Install this package by typing


In order to run the example cases, please install our companion package StreamMacros.jl by typing


Overview of supported methods

We currently support the following methods:

The graph Laplacian methods and the "TO" forms of the dynamic Laplacian FEM methods work directly on trajectories.

For more information on specific methods, consult the relevant pages of the documentation or the examples pages.


As a quick hands-on introduction, we demonstrate the usage of the CoherentStructures.jl package on some classic flow problems. For references to the original works in which the methods were developed see the respective help page.

List of examples